Michigan wins shootout thanks to D-Rob

Some quick thoughts on a game that didn't turn into a "defensive shootout," as Indiana coach Bill Lynch said it might.

Michigan 42, Indiana 35: What's left to say about Denard Robinson? Plenty. I'll be talking about No. 16 throughout next week, but here's what you need to know: 494 yards of total offense, five touchdowns and the game-winning score. Michigan might be a one-man team, but no man has been more impressive in college football than Robinson has this fall.

Meanwhile, another Robinson continues to raise anxiety levels in Ann Arbor: Wolverines defensive coordinator Greg Robinson. His unit once again looked bad against a dynamic Indiana offense, allowing 568 yards, 480 through the air. Indiana quarterback Ben Chappell had his way with the Wolverines secondary.

Surprising? Hardly. Disappointing? Yes.

Greg Robinson has to figure out something fast as the competition level increases next week against Michigan State. The receivers for both teams were outstanding, and Indiana's defensive woes against good teams continued. Indiana could make some noise this year, but it must get better on defense and find a running game ASAP.