Iowa's Ferentz downplays timeout call

Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz downplayed his decision to call timeout with 12 seconds left against Wisconsin rather than clock the ball, a choice that proved costly in a 31-30 loss.

"We wanted to burn the timeout and just go from there," Ferentz said. "I guess we could have gone the other way. Might have saved us two seconds, something like that. I don't think that was exactly the turning point in the game."

Hawkeyes quarterback Ricky Stanzi looked ready to spike the ball after gaining a first down at the Wisconsin 39-yard line, but Iowa instead used its final timeout. Iowa's Adam Robinson was tackled in bounds on the next play, and the clock ran out before the Hawkeyes could attempt a field goal.

"We took the timeout," Ferentz said. "We talked about it ahead of time. Could have clocked it. Cost you a couple, three seconds there. You could flip a coin on that one. Again, I don't think it's exactly the turning point."

Les Miles might agree.

Iowa fans probably won't.