Morning Briefing: Ohio State ticket complaints, Beilein's attorney helps WVU

The RichRod racket seems to have quieted down a bit. Here's a look around the league this morning:

  • Ohio State's new ticket lottery policy isn't going over well with many alums. Seniority is out and fairness might be in, but the moaning and groaning can be heard in C-Bus.

  • Former Ohio State recruit Devon Torrence is hoping to land a roster spot elsewhere after being cleared of juvenile rape charges. Ohio State pulled its scholarship offer to Torrence in January.

  • Missed this one from a few days ago. Purdue coach-in-waiting Danny Hope is putting his Florida roots to good use on the recruiting trail. Hope looks the part in West Lafayette -- he even sports the 'stache practically required by each member of Joe Tiller's staff -- but he was born in Gainesville and attended high school in Miami.

  • OK, I lied. We're not completely finished with Rodriguez and West Virginia. An interesting question was broached after Wednesday's settlement: What about John Beilein? The Michigan basketball coach didn't get any help from his new employer to pay his $1.5 million buyout for leaving West Virginia. Wonder what he thought of Michigan shelling out for RichRod? Interestingly enough, Bob Fitzsimmons, the attorney who helped Beilein reduce his buyout by $1 million, was on West Virginia's side in the dispute with RichRod. Here's what he had to say: "They are two separate contracts, with different provisions and different language. I can't talk specifically about Coach Beilein's situation, but it worked out very amicably. We agreed upon the results and everybody moved on. That's the way these things should be handled."

  • Former Patriots All-Pro tight end Marv Cook, a two-time first-team All-Big Ten selection and a consensus All-American in 1988, has been named to Iowa's Hall of Fame.