TCU Rose Bowl win celebrated in Columbus

The crow E. Gordon Gee ate in New Orleans undoubtedly tasted a little better after Ohio State's Sugar Bowl victory, but the Ohio State president received a few more reminders of his ill-advised remarks when he returned home to Columbus.

By now, Gee might have seen one of the 20 electronic billboards around Columbus that contain the message: "Congratulations to TCU for their Rose Bowl victory -- Little Sisters of the Poor." Last month Gee told The Columbus Dispatch that teams from non-AQ conferences weren't as deserving of a spot in the national title game because they padded their records playing opponents like the "Little Sisters of the Poor." He later apologized, but the damage was done.

TCU validated its non-AQ brethren Saturday by beating Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl Game presented by VIZIO.

It'd be interesting to find out who's actually behind the billboards. I've never been a fan of college football fans wasting money on them, but I doubt the practice will stop.

I'm sure Gee got a laugh out of seeing them. Ohio State fans? Not so much.