Hoke expects Denard Robinson to stay

I just got off the phone with Michigan coach Brady Hoke, whose enthusiasm for his new job hasn't diminished one bit in the past day.

It was great to reconnect with Hoke, whom I covered a bit in the MAC, and I'll post a two-part Q&A with him Friday.

But some things can't wait, and Hoke told me he expects star quarterback Denard Robinson to remain at Michigan for 2011 and beyond. Hoke met with Robinson both Wednesday and Thursday.

Asked if he expects Robinson to be with Michigan going forward, Hoke replied, "Yes. I don’t question that at all."

“We’ve had great conversations,” Hoke added. “I’m so impressed with him as a kid and his humility and his vision and his love for Michigan. So that’s been real positive. It’s just fun being around him. He wants a Michigan degree and he feels very good about Michigan.”

Needless to say, this is huge news for the Wolverines. Although I'd heard Robinson was likely to remain in Ann Arbor, it certainly carries more weight coming from Hoke.

The interesting question going forward is how Hoke and his staff will shape the offense around Robinson. They ran more of a pro-style offense at San Diego State but have used elements of the spread with former Ball State quarterback Nate Davis and others.

Al Borges, who has served as Hoke's offensive coordinator, is expected to join him at Michigan.

"Offensively, you never want to put a square peg in a round hole," Hoke said. "We understand that when you have playmakers, you've got to be able to utilize them to their fullest so that they're going to help your football team. With Denard, his capabilities, obviously he's a tremendous athlete that can do a lot of things for you on offense.

"He'll be the lead part of that offense."