Drug house charges dropped against DJK

Some good news for former Iowa receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos, who no longer faces charges of keeping a drug house following his arrest last month.

Johnson-Koulianos still faces charges of unlawful possession of marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs for anxiety, pain and sleep. But he and his roommate no longer face the drug house charge, classified as an aggravated misdemeanor and carrying a penalty of up to two years in prison.

DJK, dismissed from the team after the arrest, will be arraigned Feb. 3.

The charismatic Hawkeyes record-holder has resurfaced on Twitter in recent weeks and wants to mend his relationship with Iowa fans.

Here are some of DJK's recent Tweets:

  • It's a cold world for the Koul kid.1 bad decision man I feel foolish. # headUp

  • Knowledge is pain and thats y it hurts to know I let down hawknation ; ( I strive to redeem myself in the hearts of hawksPlease forgive me.

  • I just hope @hawkeyenation miss me a little while I'm gone. If nothin else maybe on 3rd & 15. #OneLove

  • Looking forward to doin presser in Iowa city soon.If u were expecting me to throw the program under the bus,nope.I have 0 reason to,Go hawks

DJK isn't out of the woods, and I hope he can address his issues and grow from an unfortunate end to a record-setting career at Iowa. Like most media members, I really enjoyed my interactions with Derrell. He's a unique personality to say the least, and he's a guy who can be successful in multiple arenas if he stays on track.

He'll be appearing in the Texas vs. The Nation all-star game Feb. 5 in San Antonio.