Bielema's contract extended through 2015

Wisconsin announced Friday that it has approved a contract extension for football coach Bret Bielema through the 2015 season.

Some might ask: Didn't Bielema just receive an extension last year? Yep. And if he keeps doing well, he'll get one of these every year.

Bielema has a five-year rollover contract that is picked up every year as long as Wisconsin wants to reward him. Wisconsin's athletic board on Friday approved recommendations for extensions for fall sport coaches, including Bielema.

Friday's announcement doesn't include a salary increase for Bielema, who earned $1,781,759 in 2010. Pay raises for both Bielema and offensive coordinator Paul Chryst are pending and are expected to be approved in February at the next Board of Regents meeting. Bielema's new compensation package reportedly will be around $2.5 million annually. Chryst will make a new base salary of $405,000.

None of this is a surprise for Bielema, who boasts a 49-16 record and just guided Wisconsin to its first Big Ten title and first Rose Bowl appearance in 11 seasons.