Nebraska will spice up the Big Ten

The Big Ten isn't a boring conference by any means. Think about all we've witnessed in the past year or so.

The SEC is college football's year-round soap opera, and my sense is most of you prefer the relative calm we have in Big Ten land. But it certainly sounds like the Big Ten's newest member will spend plenty of time in the spotlight.

Colleague David Ubben writes earlier today: "No team in college football was more interesting on and off the field for more reasons in the last year than Nebraska."

Ubben outlines all of the drama surrounding the Nebraska program in the past 10 months or so: the move to the Big Ten, Bo Pelini's preseason media ban, quarterback Taylor Martinez's rapid rise, the Texas A&M/Martinez/Pelini debacle, a wild Big 12 championship game loss, some good news regarding Martinez and possible NFL-bound underclassmen and now the buzz about changes on Pelini's coaching staff.

I'm exhausted just reading about all the happenings in Lincoln.

The Michigan Wolverines have been undoubtedly the Big Ten's drama kings in recent years. Former coach Rich Rodriguez often talked about the drama encircling him and his program. Whether it was Rodriguez's messy departure from West Virginia, the NCAA investigation into the program, Tate Forcier's rise and fall, Denard Robinson's record-setting 2010 season or the constant speculation about Rodriguez's future, Michigan dominated the headlines. We'll see what happens in the Brady Hoke era, but I'd expect things to settle down a bit around Schembechler Hall.

I'm not so sure about Nebraska, which has no shortage of interesting personalities and storylines entering the 2011 season.

Better buckle up for Big Red.