Iowa's Parker loses toe but keeps on truckin'

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

There's a reason why I'm posting this after lunch. You can thank me later.

As reporters made the walk from Kinnick Stadium to the Iowa practice fields for media day on Friday, we noticed veteran Hawkeyes defensive coordinator Norm Parker zipping by us on a golf cart. Parker later got out of the cart wearing a huge boot on his right foot.

I didn't get a chance to talk to Parker about the injury, but the Quad City Times has all the details. Parker had to have a toe on his right foot surgically removed after a blister got infected during a fishing trip.

"One day it rained bad and water filled my fishing boat," Parker said. "I went out to bail the water out, the blister got infected and all of a sudden it was bye, bye toe."

Parker, who has diabetes, had a toe on his left foot removed several years ago because of a similar infection. So he's down to eight digits on his feet.

It's safe to say Inigo Montoya won't be searching for Parker any time soon.

Parker seems like a pretty tough guy, and he's taking a positive attitude toward the setback.

"The other coaches keep reminding me the year that happened [2004] and they cut off the other toe, we won a Big Ten championship," Parker said. "If that's the case again, I guess I can live with it."