Top five villains in college football

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

After looking back to the past for all-time Big Ten villains, let's turn the focus to the present.

Who are the top five villains in college football right now? These five wouldn't win many public opinion polls.

1. Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis -- Weis' arrogance was somewhat forgivable in 2005 and 2006, when he led Notre Dame to BCS bowls, but his act has grown tired. He has rubbed people the wrong way both in South Bend and beyond, and there will be quite a contingent rooting against the Irish this fall.

2. Tennessee head coach Lane Kiffin -- Children act out to get attention, and Kiffin certainly has gotten it since he took over in Knoxville. Putting Tennessee in the national spotlight could pay off for Kiffin in the long run, but his SEC colleagues are lining up to embarrass the overmatched Vols this fall.

3. Alabama head coach Nick Saban -- He won't win any Mr. Congeniality contests, and he hasn't made the smoothest exits from Michigan State, LSU and the Miami Dolphins. But Saban wins games, and as long as he keeps things up, he'll be loved in Alabama.

4. The BCS -- The stock market had a better year than the BCS, which rankles a large majority of fans who want a playoff system in college football. Sure, the regular season generates plenty of excitement, but we seek clarity in sports and the BCS rarely provides it.

5. Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany -- I enjoy my regular dealings with Delany, but he's not a popular man among college football fans, even those from the Big Ten. The BCS backer is viewed as a main obstacle to a playoff system, and his reluctance to add a 12th team to the Big Ten turns off many fans of his league.