A look at RichRod's history using two QBs

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

It seems more and more likely that Michigan will open the season with some type of quarterback rotation. I'm a little surprised, as it appeared as though Steven Threet would distance himself in the competition after the spring. But Nick Sheridan is keeping pace in camp.

Coach Rich Rodriguez could have a clear-cut starter in his mind and just won't say, but he's also seems ready to forge ahead with both Threet and Sheridan.

"If I have two quarterbacks who are good enough to win with, I'll go with two," he said Sunday at Michigan's media day. "The last two places I've been, both West Virginia and Clemson, particularly early in the first year, we've had multiple quarterbacks. And sometimes even after the first year. Our goal is to try and get them both ready. And right now they've gotten better."

Let's take a look at Rodriguez's previous experience using two quarterbacks.


Rodriguez's position: Offensive coordinator

Team record: 6-6

Total offense ranking: 36th

Rushing offense ranking: 44th

Passing offense ranking: 31st


Brandon Streeter -- Started seven games. Went 135-for-219 passing for 1,466 yards with four touchdowns and nine interceptions. Had 42 carries for 37 rushing yards.

Woody Dantzler -- Started six games. Went 112-for-201 passing for 1,506 yards with nine touchdowns and six interceptions. Added 588 rushing yards and four touchdowns on 146 carries.


Rodriguez's position: Offensive coordinator

Team record: 9-3

Total offense ranking: 10th

Rushing offense ranking: 10th

Passing offense ranking: 63rd

Woody Dantzler -- He was the clear-cut starter but missed some time with a left leg injury. Had 947 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns to go along with 1,691 pass yards with 10 passing touchdowns and six interceptions. Got some buzz for the Heisman Trophy before injury limited him midway through the season.

Willie Simmons -- Appeared in eight games, passing for 616 yards with seven touchdowns and two interceptions. Added 69 rushing yards on 34 carries.


Rodriguez's position: Head coach

Team record: 3-8

Total offense ranking: 80th

Rushing offense ranking: 36th

Passing offense ranking: 96th


Brad Lewis -- Senior led the team in passing with 1,339 yards with seven touchdowns and nine interceptions. Had just 41 rushing yards on 54 carries.

Rasheed Marshall -- Limited by a broken bone in his wrist, Marshall played mostly in the final four games, racking up 327 passing yards and 210 rushing yards. He took over as the starter the next season.


Rodriguez's position: Head coach

Team record: 11-1

Total offense ranking: 50th

Rushing offense ranking: 4th

Passing offense ranking: 115th


Pat White -- Freshman ranked 58th nationally in rushing average (73.3 ypg), combined for 15 touchdowns (8 pass, 7 rush) and appeared in every game.

Adam Bednarik -- Went 5-1 as the Mountaineers' starter before being limited by injuries. Passed for 532 yards and four touchdowns to go along with 170 rushing yards.

As you can see, RichRod has had mixed results with more than one quarterback. Obviously, Michigan would love to duplicate West Virginia's 2005 season or Clemson's 2000 campaign. But as many have stated, there's no Pat White on the Wolverines' roster and unlike Woody Dantzler, none of the quarterback candidates have much collegiate game experience.

Michigan has far too much talent to have a repeat of West Virginia's 2001 season. I see Clemson 1999 as the likeliest outcome. The Wolverines should finish better than 6-6, but the quarterback production could be similar as Threet, Sheridan and possibly Justin Feagin settle in and Rodriguez identifies their strengths.