New info shows OSU's Gibson paid for car

While Ohio State's compliance department continues to review used-car sales involving athletes and their relatives, concerns about one talked-about transaction can be put to rest.

The Columbus Dispatch reports Tuesday that former Ohio State defensive end/linebacker Thaddeus Gibson did, in fact, pay for a car he purchased in 2007. An older title on the vehicle shows Gibson paid $13,700 for a 2007 Chrysler 300C that he bought from salesman Aaron Kniffin at the Jack Maxton dealership. The current title on the car shows the purchase price at $0, as originally reported, but Gibson told the newspaper that he's still making payments on the car and the new report verifies it.

Although Ohio State isn't out of the woods, the truth about Gibson's situation certainly is a good sign. Having been on several radio shows to discuss the Ohio State situation since the initial Dispatch report came out, I can say the Gibson car sale was brought up more than once.

Another tidbit in Tuesday's Dispatch report is that Kniffin didn't sell a car to the mother of former Ohio State running back Maurice Wells. The car, registered to Wells' mother and step-father, was used as a trade-in when Maurice Wells bought a car from Kniffin in 2006.