Chicago vs. Indy: Your thoughts on title site

The competition to host future Big Ten football championships is down to two cities: Chicago and Indianapolis. The news that broke early Tuesday night set off quite a response from Big Ten fans on my Twitter page.

The overall reaction is split pretty evenly between the cities, and some good points are made on both sides and for both stadiums (Lucas Oil in Indy, Soldier Field in Chicago).

Let's take a look at some of the comments:

  • @LawrenMills: Indy should be the choice--hands down.

  • @Bobby_BigWheel: Calling Indy. Big Ten would never do anything cool

  • @Husker68347: Chicago. Football is meant to be played outdoors. Chicago also has Shaw's.

  • @OmahaBoilermakr: Indianapolis, I dont want to see a game played in Chicago in late fall. Best team should win & that happens in a dome.

  • @twitchkoff: Chicago. Alumni fan bases culminate in the city. B1G fans talk smack on 'playing in the conditions" #walkthetalk

  • @PittScript: What is the obsession w Indy? Like BE having tourn in Newark.

  • @kgoingglobal: Chicago all the way!!!

  • @AJarena: Chicago. You ever been to pequods pizza? Enough said.

  • @HaydenK9: Lucas Oil > Soldier Field. Not debatable. Put the basketball in Chicago.

  • @Iowoodka: Hmm, which airport would be easier, O'hare or Indy?

  • @JoeBucsFan: Chicago please, not a soulless dome. B1G 10's home in Chicago roots in Chicago.

  • @coachtoddy: chicago is closer but I really like the central bar/restaurant area in Indy, you get the feeling that the B10 owns the the town

Great stuff so far. Keep it coming. This smells like a poll question.