Spartans RBs dish on several topics

Michigan State running back Larry Caper is a big Paula Patton fan.

He also prefers jeggings to leggings on the opposite sex.

Caper and fellow Spartans running back Le'Veon Bell would build their NFL offense around speedy Tennessee Titans star Chris Johnson, although Caper also really likes New Orleans Saints back and Big Ten alum Pierre Thomas (Illinois). Both Caper and Bell love Vikings star Adrian Peterson but have concerns about his ability to hold onto the football.

Both MSU backs didn't understand the Rapture talk and aren't worried about the world ending.

They do disagree about some things, like who will win the Bulls-Heat series in the Eastern Conference finals.

And they love their moms.

How do I know all this?

I watched the latest segment of Spartan Dawg TV, a YouTube clip produced by Caper and Bell. If you have some spare time, it's pretty entertaining as the backs weigh in on sports, women, pet peeves and even religion. They have a good rapport and seem to be having a blast. In a sport where players are often presented publicly as robots, it's nice to see Caper and Bell enjoying themselves away from the field.

My one complaint: the elevator music in the background. Is that Kenny G? C'mon, fellas. You can do better.

Caper is promoting the segments on Twitter, so you can keep up pretty easily.