Things looking up for Terrelle Pryor?

It has been a rough week for Terrelle Pryor, but things could be looking up for the embattled Ohio State quarterback.

Pryor had his driver's license reinstated Thursday after providing proof of insurance at an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles office. The quarterback had his license suspended after failing to provide proof of insurance during a February traffic stop, but he continued to drive, as we all saw Monday before and after an Ohio State team meeting.

Now his issues with the BMV appear to be resolved.

How does Pryor stand with the NCAA, which is investigating his use of cars?

According to his lawyer, he should be fine.

"I'm satisfied that this should go away," Columbus attorney Larry James said.

James also had this to say to The Associated Press.

"He may have had three or four loaner cars, period," he said. "So you take the three cars that the mom purchased over that time period, and the loaner cars, and this is how the story gets turned into a tornado."

If everything checks out with the cars, Pryor should avoid further penalties. He's not out of the woods yet, but the most recent developments -- license reinstatement, proof that the infamous Nissan 350z is owned by Pryor's mother -- turn down the heat a bit.