Rose Bowl loss still driving Henry, Badgers

Often times, players won't want to watch replays of particularly stomach-churning losses. They'd rather burn the tape and not dwell on the pain.

Wisconsin's Aaron Henry is different. He estimates he has watched the film of the Badgers' 21-19 Rose Bowl loss to TCU at least 70 times since the New Year's Day game. He endured it again as recently as two weeks ago.

"I've seen that film so many times it's ridiculous," he said. "But in order for me to improve on my mistakes, I have to look at it. I have to deal with it and get over it. A lot of people might mope about it, but I want to learn from it and get better from it. So, hopefully, if I face the same obstacles, I can rise to the challenge."

It's not like Henry or the Wisconsin defense played poorly. TCU had only 219 passing yards. But Henry admits there are a couple of plays he sees on film that he would love to have back. On the Horned Frogs' first touchdown, he bit on a pump fake to the slot receiver on a slant route, leaving Bart Johnson in single coverage for a 23-yard score.

"I consider myself a smart player," Henry said. "But my decision-making could have been a little bit better. In order to elevate my game to the next level, I have to be a really heady safety."

If any good came from the loss, it's that the Badgers are determined to avoid letting it happen again. Despite their 11-2 season and share of a Big Ten title, they have used that game as motivation this offseason.

"I think everybody kind of keeps it in the back of their mind," he said. "We're definitely over it as a team, but nobody wants to have that great of a season and end it in a loss. Guys are definitely hungry and working extremely hard to get back there."