Parents of Michigan players deny allegations

Posted by ESPN.com's Adam Rittenberg

The fathers of Michigan freshmen Tate Forcier and Michael Schofield told Tom VanHaaren of mgoblog.com that the allegations from other Wolverines players regarding NCAA rule violations by the football program are false.

Mike Forcier, whose older son Jason also played at Michigan for former coach Lloyd Carr, told Mgoblog that he didn't know of any instances where the team broke rules on practice limits.

"I've had three sons in college football now, and they've all gone through the same things so far," Mike Forcier said. "Tate has been doing the same things as his brothers were at UCLA and Stanford."

Mike Schofield Sr. said no members of Rich Rodriguez's coaching staff monitored offseason workouts.

"My youngest son went to Michigan's sports camp in June," Schofield Sr. said, "and I said to Michael [Jr.], 'Here's your brother who gets to see and work out with your coach, who you can't even see until August.'"