John Legend talks Ohio State fandom

You'll find Big Ten fans in all walks of life, including the music business.

Singer-songwriter John Legend makes no secret about where his college football allegiance lies. Buckeye stickers fill almost every inch of Legend's piano in his New York apartment. The Springfield, Ohio, native is a big-time Ohio State fan, and he recently discussed his Buckeye fandom with ESPN's Kenny Mayne.

Legend, who attended the University of Pennsylvania, talks a bit about his Buckeye roots, Ohio State's national title win against Miami after the 2002 season and the ongoing controversy surrounding the program.

"We're all in pain," Legend tells Mayne. "It's going to be a tough few seasons. I've just been thinking about the whole system for college players. They're not allowed to make any compensation, any money, and they bring a whole bunch back into these schools. As long as you do that, people are going to do stuff under the table, unless you have perfect enforcement."

Legend doesn't attend many Ohio State games but watches almost all of them on TV. He'll be tuning in this season, although I bet it'll take a while for him to warm up to Ohio State being in the Leaders Division. Surely, he would have preferred a spot in the Legends Division.