Big Ten chat wrap: Aug. 3

In case you missed it, we had a chat today. It was a blast.

Here's the full chat wrap.


Michael (detroit): Coach Dantonio said that Tyler Hoover is up to 290 lbs. Do you see MSU trying some 3-4 defensive sets this season? They tried some last season, but abandoned it pretty quick

Adam Rittenberg (12:20 PM): That's interesting, Michael. Hoover's increased size gives him some flexibility to play inside or as a big defensive end. You could use Worthy as the nose and have Hoover alongside him, creating some size, along with a rush end like William Gholston or Marcus Rush. I would point out that Anthony Rashad White has a really nice spring, and I'd expect to see him alongside Worthy as the other DT quite a bit this season. I think you'll see Worthy and White as the DTs, and Hoover and Gholston as the DEs in the base 4-3.

Tommy (NJ): Adam, do you think that PSU will be going to more of a run-first offense? I know that it would be a waste of some very good talent at WR, but I'm not sure of how much trust Galen/Jay have in their qb, whoever that ends up being.

Adam Rittenberg (12:42 PM): Tommy, I think Galen and Jay have more trust in their quarterbacks now than they did a year ago, when they tried to spark Evan Royster and the run game and failed to do so. A lot depends on the offensive line, but I'd be surprised if Penn State didn't feature its passing game and arguably the Big Ten's best receiver in Derek Moye, not to mention some exciting players like Brown, Smith, etc.

Teddyrukk (Blue Springs Mo): Adam, do you think the Huskers could make the BSC title game with one loss due to the strength of their schedule??

Adam Rittenberg (12:44 PM): It would be tough, Teddy. One spot is pretty much reserved for the SEC champion, even with one loss. So Nebraska would need losses from Oregon, Stanford, Oklahoma, Florida State and maybe Boise State to get into the game with one loss. I have a tough time seeing a 1-loss Big Ten team making it to New Orleans.

Nick (WI): Would you prefer to see a rematch in the BIG Championship Game, or two teams that didn't meet in the regular season?

Adam Rittenberg (12:47 PM): Nick, I have less of a problem with rematches than a lot of college football fans/media members. If Nebraska and Wisconsin play in the title game after meeting on Oct. 1, that's fine by me. Circumstances for both teams will have changed. It's always nice to see unique matchups, but even if Michigan and Ohio State met in back-to-back weeks, it wouldn't be the end of the world. The championship game is its own entity, and it generates its own type of excitement.

Good stuff this week, even a dig at my poor wardrobe choices. I'll be chatting again next Wednesday at noon ET, so be sure and join in.