Buckeyes honor Tressel with wristbands

Quarterback Braxton Miller and most of his fellow Ohio State freshmen met with reporters earlier Wednesday, and we learned a few things.

  • Miller has added 15 pounds and checks in at 215. He said he learned a lot from Terrelle Pryor in spring practice but has focused on trying to win the permanent starting job. "Right now I feel a little more pressure than I did six months ago but I am trying to take it day by day," Miller said. "I really want to work on the passing plays because I have the running plays down pat."

  • Several players said the turmoil surrounding coach Jim Tressel's resignation didn't affect their commitment to Ohio State. "There is a lot more to Ohio State than the coach," defensive lineman Michael Bennett said. "I never thought for a second about reconsidering."

  • Offensive lineman Chris Carter Jr. has slimmed down from 390 pounds to 375 pounds and hopes to end up playing at around 360.

The most talked-about element from Wednesday's session were the wristbands several freshmen wore, emblazoned with the letters "JT," for Tressel. Ohio State players will pay tribute to their former coach with the wristbands this season. Freshman defender Steve Miller said he received his wristband from a member of the coaching staff.

Not surprisingly, the wristbands are making their away around the blogosphere. While there are bound to be some jokes, I have no issue with Ohio State players honoring Tressel. He helped bring the players to Columbus, where he enjoyed a decade of success, and remains a presence in their lives.

Despite his mistakes, he still has a lot of respect and credibility in the locker room.

It'll be interesting to see if Ohio State fans get in on the JT wristband trend.