Big Ten chat wrap: Aug. 10

In case you missed it, we had a nice little chat today.

Here's the full wrap-up from today's chat. Aside from some incessant questions about whether Bennett is a redhead, it was a productive discussion.

A few highlights:

Greg (PA): ASU has been getting a lot of hype so far. Can the Illini beat the Sundevils this year? Would it be a huge win for them if they can pull it off?

Adam Rittenberg (12:30 PM): Great question, Greg. Arizona State will provide an excellent early barometer for Illinois. Vontaze Burfict is one of college football's scariest players, and he could do some damage in Champaign. ASU impressed me last year in Madison, but I'm leery to buy into the Sun Devil hype too much. This will be a big win for Illinois, and a key game to build confidence at home.

Chris (DC): In your opinion, how much of the talk that Bauserman is legitimately part of OSU's QB competition is due to him being an upperclassman? While he has had limited game exposure due to Pryor being the starter the last three seasons, he hasn't looked that good when he has gotten in. He (reportedly) hasn't looked very good during practices either. I understand teams don't usually want to start freshmen, but from what I've heard/read about practices thus far, shouldn't Fickell just pick Graham or Miller and roll the dice?

Adam Rittenberg (12:59 PM): Chris, I understand this argument, and you're certainly not alone in this belief. From what I can tell, most Ohio State fans don't want to see Bausemrman as the starter. But it ultimately comes down to which player gives this Buckeyes team the best chance to win. Having a guy with potentially less upside who makes fewer mistakes might be the answer, especially early on. Ohio State isn't going to win many games 42-35 this year. The Buckeyes have to rely on their defense and their running game, and these coaches, all but two of whom worked for Jim Tressel, know how to win with TresselBell and how important it is to have a QB who limits major errors.

Good times. Let's do it again next Wednesday at noon ET.