NCAA not done investigating Ohio State

Ohio State isn't out of the woods with the NCAA, and a second wave of allegations could be coming to Columbus.

Multiple sources tell colleague Pat Forde that the NCAA last week sent a letter to Ohio State stating that it continues to investigate issues with the Buckeyes football program. This letter could result in a second Notice of Allegations sent to Ohio State.

The university has not confirmed it has received the letter.

Regarding the first Notice of Allegations, sent to Ohio State on April 21, the NCAA has said it will not impose a serious charge of "Failure to Monitor." Ohio State will not face any new allegations when it meets with the NCAA's infractions committee Friday in Indianapolis.

That's good news for Ohio State, which seemingly has been successful in tying the problems to former coach Jim Tressel, who resigned May 30. Ohio State has cooperated with the NCAA throughout the process and has been vehement in its claim that memorabilia sales aren't a systematic problem in the program.

If the NCAA agrees this is a Tressel problem, not a program problem, Ohio State likely will avoid major penalties when the infractions committee rules in 8-12 weeks. The committee could accept Ohio State's self-imposed penalties, which included vacating all 12 wins from the 2010 season.

But the fear all along has been a second Notice of Allegations, which likely would shift the spotlight to the program. Multiple media reports have alleged the memorabilia sales go beyond the five players and tattoo parlor owner Ed Rife, but the NCAA must find proof before leveling further allegations.

It would seem to make sense for the NCAA to postpone Friday's hearing if more serious allegations are coming down the pike, as everyone wants a resolution as soon as possible.

But the hearing is on schedule. Whether Ohio State officials return to visit the COI remains to be seen.