Big Ten chat wrap

Lots of good questions today in my second official Big Ten (and Notre Dame) chat. And hopefully we finally settled the somewhat-disturbing redhead debate.

Here's the full transcript. And here are a few highlights:

Gordy (Chicago) What are the chances the Buckeyes give Braxton Miller the starting job? Clearly he is more gifted than Bauserman and gives the team a chance to develop around a young dynamic player for the future.

Brian Bennett: I don't think we'll see it to start the season. I was at practice last week, and Miller was fourth in line for reps and he looked like his head was swimming a bit. I'd be surprised if Fickell turned the reins over to a true freshmen to start the season when he's on a one-year contract. But I think Miller will play some and could take over midseason a la Pryor his freshman year. That's my hunch, anyway

Ashley (Lincoln): You know its coming, so let's get it over with. Will the B1G feel the need to "keep up" with the SEC should they expand?

Brian Bennett: I think it will probably have to, just because if the SEC and Pac-12 scoop up the remaining teams to form superconferences, the Big 10 doesn't want to be left behind to fight for scraps. The key thing, as I wrote earlier today, is for the Big Ten to make sure it gets the right fit and not just expand to expand.

Nick (Michigan): Which B1G team(s) do you think will regress the most compared to the 2010 campaign?

Brian Bennett: Ohio State. That was a 1-loss, BCS bowl winner last year. While the Buckeyes are still good, I expect some regression with the coaching change and suspensions. Michigan State the other top candidate because of its tough schedule

Al (NY); Is Marqueis Gray the second coming of Denard Robinson?

Brian Bennett: Much different kind of athlete. Denard is incredibly quick but he's a small guy. MarQueis is huge, around 6-foot-5 and very well put together. If he harnesses his skills and figures out the new offense, he could be a dangerous dual threat. I wouldn't want to try and tackle him.