Big Ten chat wrap: Aug. 24

We had a chat today. If you missed it, I feel sorry for you.

Here's a full wrap-up of what we discussed, along with a few highlights.

Blake (Phoenix): Hi Adam - lifelong UM fan here, roasting in Phoenix but not missing the cold winters at all...what are your thoughts on the UM/ND game under the lights game? Both teams seem to have a lot to prove - who has more to win in this game?

Adam Rittenberg (12:06 PM): Great question, Blake. Both teams have a lot at stake, but I actually think Notre Dame has a greater urgency to win. The Irish have lost two straight to Michigan despite having arguably better teams. This year, Notre Dame enters the season with a higher national ranking than Michigan. There's all this tired talk about the Irish being back. But if they lose to Michigan again -- a Wolverines team going through a lot of transition, mind you -- there will be some backlash. Now it's also extremely important for Michigan as well b/c the Wolverines have a schedule set up to rack up some early wins.

Tony (Talent Rock, CO): How cool would it be to have a B1G/SEC challenge like the B1G/ACC challenge in basketball? Would the conferences ever be interested?

Adam Rittenberg (12:34 PM): Tony, it would be cool, but it would never happen. Too many schools are hesitant to give up home games and the money they generate. Jim Delany has told me when you have two leagues filled with massive stadiums, there's a greater reluctance to schedule games against one another. Only one Big Ten-SEC matchup this year (Alabama-Penn State).

Brad (Valdosta ): Hey Adam, I watched the rerun of last years Rose Bowl yesterday and saw what looked to me that TCU's speed was the deciding factor in that game. Do you think that could be the same factor in the NED WIS game?

Adam Rittenberg (12:44 PM): Brad, I've thought about that a lot in relation to the Wisconsin-Nebraska game. Can Lavonte David be Tank Carder? If he is, the Badgers could be in a lot of trouble. Nebraska also has some defensive backs similar to TCU's. Wisconsin will need to run the ball effectively, and it will need to commit to the run more than it did in Pasadena.

Let's do it again next week, as our final preseason chat takes place Wednesday at noon ET.