Send in questions for Big Ten podcast

If you haven't noticed, the ESPN.com Big Ten football podcast has arrived.

Every Wednesday during the season, we'll have a podcast dedicated to all things Big Ten football. It's an exciting new feature and one we hope you'll enjoy. We'll have interviews with Big Ten players throughout the fall, and we also want to get you fine folks involved as much as possible.

With that in mind, please send us questions you'd like to have answered on the podcast. Please include your name and hometown, and keep your question to 40 words or less. We're a little crunched for time on the podcast, so we can't be reading your manifestos. Keep 'em short, sweet and to the point.

Send in those questions to Brian and Adam, specify that they're for the podcast and we'll answer one or two during Wednesday's edition. If we don't get to your question this week, keep on trying as we'll be looking for questions for each podcast.