Big Ten chat wrap: Sept. 14

We're only in Week 3, but you folks are in midseason form.

Excellent chat today, and I'm not just saying that because we talked about topics other than realignment for a change.

In case you missed it, here's the full wrap-up and some highlights.

Bucky (Phoenix): Adam, what's "worse" for league perception: OSU losing @ the U or MSU losing @ the winless Irish?

Adam Rittenberg (12:15 PM): Good question, Bucky. I think it's Ohio State losing to Miami, even though the Buckeyes are shorthanded. Until Ohio State loses a game and shows it's not the same program, it deserves the benefit of the doubt after a decade of dominance. A Michigan State loss doesn't hurt as much because so many folks think Notre Dame is a decent team and everyone agrees ND will be a desperate team Saturday in South Bend.

Carl (Chicago): Time for a less serious question. If you were a Big Ten mascot, which one would you be? Also what would Bennett be?

Adam Rittenberg (12:23 PM): Bennett would definitely be Lil' Red from Nebraska. ... I'd be Sparty.

Tim Rosini (Huntington Beach, Ca): Adam,Psu fan and big ten fan here living on the west coast. Isn't it clear to everyone outside of the Paterno family that, while Rob Bolden may not be the immediate reincarnation of Cam Newton, he is a soph. with a lot of talent and more room to grow than mgloin. No offense to Mgloin, Psu has what 2-3 games to re-shape, get confidence back and any other cliche analogy you can come up with football before the Big 10+2 schedule. What's your thoughts on the lack of leadership from the coaching staff in clearly making a decision that will stop holding the team back, and if they make that decision do they have a chance to improve and challenge for the leaders division?

Adam Rittenberg (12:26 PM): Tim, I totally don't get it. If these were both freshmen, I'd understand. If one player had transferred this summer and wowed the coaches in camp, I'd understand. But these are two guys with starting experience who competed throughout the spring and summer. What more do you need to see to make a decision? It sounds as though the coaches are worried about hurting someone's feelings or confidence by sitting them down. Sorry, that's part of the deal. I also agree that if Bolden is the guy, he should get some leeway and not have to worry about coming out of the game after every mistake. Give him time to grow.

JC (DC): Adam CRITICAL QUESTION: Whats the runningback rotation gonna look like for the Buckeyes vs Miami? Besides that 36 yd Td Carlos Hyde looked uninspiring to me against Toledo and I can't understand why we didn't see more of Jamaal Berry. Does Hyde get the start again? And how do Berry/Jordan Hall fit into this offense if so? I feel like we're starving for explosiveness...

Adam Rittenberg (12:50 PM): JC, Berry is still working his way back from a hamstring issue, but he could play a bigger role Saturday. Jordan Hall adds a key piece to the offense because he can play both RB and WR. I've actually liked Hyde a lot so far, but I agree more backs need to be rotated in there. I would start Hyde and mix in Hall for a change of pace. If Berry is healthy enough, I'd give him 5-8 carries because he has tremendous breakaway ability.

Thanks again for all of your questions and sorry to those whose questions weren't posted.

Let's do it again next week. Same time, same place.