Washington kicking itself over kicking game

LINCOLN, Neb. -- Nebraska has gained command in the third quarter over Washington, and the Huskies have given them a big assist in the kicking game.

A Washington punt interference penalty at the end of the first half helped set up a go-ahead field goal. The Huskies committed the same mistake early in the second half, and the refs tacked on an extra five yards to the original 15 when Washington coaches ran on the field to protest the call. Nebraska capitalized with is best sustained drive of the day, using Rex Burkhead and the running game.

But that wasn't the worst of it for Washington. After Nebraska's scores, both Huskies kickoff return men bobbled the ball, and the Cornhuskers pounced on it inside their own 1. That led to an easy touchdown, and now Nebraska leads 34-17. Let's see if the Huskers' D can now pin its ears back and get some serious pressure on quarterback Keith Price with a comfortable lead.

Washington can only kick itself for potentially booting away what had been a close game.