Wisconsin keeps on truckin'

Another week, another Wisconsin blowout ...

Wisconsin 49, Northern Illinois 7: Is there any doubt who is the best team in the Big Ten right now? Sure, the Badgers' nonconference competition hasn't been too stiff. But still, they have yet to have a hiccup, and they don't just beat people; they steamroll them.

Wisconsin has now outscored its first three opponents 135-24, and Russell Wilson has more than just fit in with the offense. He's a major catalyst. Wilson completed 23 of 32 passes for 347 yards and three touchdowns in this one. But he did throw his first interception -- which was his team's first turnover of the season -- on his last throw of the game. Why Wilson was even in the game with less than 10 minutes to go wasn't clear, and he got hit by two defenders on his wounded-duck attempt. Not that we were surprised, but Bret Bielema showed he's not afraid to keep his foot on the gas in a blowout, even against a friend and former colleague on the other sideline. If Wilson had gotten hurt there, it would have looked like a boneheaded move.

But everything else Wisconsin has done so far this season has worked like a charm. Someone is going to have to figure out how to stop this freight train, and I'm guessing it's not going to be South Dakota next week.