Weekly chat transcript

Miss my Big Ten chat earlier this afternoon? Never fear. Here is the entire transcript for your reading pleasure. And here are a few highlights from the hour-long session:

Bucky (Phoenix): Hi Brian. Both you and Adam have written that you don't think there will be an undefeated Big Ten team this year; after 3 games have you seen anything to change your mind on that point? I think with the recent struggles of other B1G teams the badgers chances of leaving EL and C-bus with a W are getting better, don't you?

Brian Bennett: Wisconsin sure looks like the best team in the league, and you'd have to favor the Badgers in all their remaining games. But those are still some tough road environments, and let's remember that the Badgers haven't played anybody who's any good so far. I'll withhold full judgement until late in the night of Oct. 1

Stephen (Columbus): Did Luke Fickle seal his fate in Miami by giving up in the last 3 minutes of the game? IMO the entire Tress era staff needs to go.

Brian Bennett: I don't think so. Fickell didn't call timeouts late, but no one could have realistically thought the Buckeyes were suddenly going to march down the field on offense when they didn't complete a pass to a single receiver. They had a better chance of scoring off a defensive turnover. Fickell should be judged on how he performs with a full roster.

sean (manchester nh): Brian, with all the upheaval going on in the conferences, is this the year ND finally has to join a conference or could it somehow, oddly enough, strengthen their independent status?

Brian Bennett: It depends on what happens with the Big East/Big 12. If the remnants of that league become very unappealing, which is possible, then ND might want a different home for its nonrevenue sports and a spot in the superconference shuffle. Then it would be up to the Big Ten to make the TV deals work out.

Brent (Pittsburgh): The B10, last year's aggressor in Conf Realignment, seems to be asleep at the wheel this year with everything going on over the last month. Should we be worried that they may lose out on adding a marquee team or two, or is that worry just much ado about nothing?

Brian Bennett: No way Jim Delany is asleep at the wheel. This is probably keeping him up at night. Who has the Big Ten lost out on so far? Texas A&M, Pitt and Syracuse aren't exactly marquee teams. Let's see how this shakes out, and I'm sure Delany is on top of everything

Champaign Tony Eason (Illinois): Its great to see a motivated and well coached defense in Champaign this past weekend. Do you see the Illini continuing to get better or will the Big Ten conference schedule bring them back down to earth?

Brian Bennett: You know what, their Big Ten schedule is manageable. Ohio State and Wisconsin at home, no Nebraska. I think Illinois could be 6-0 and is a threat in the Leaders, though I still like Wisconsin much more