Tracking our B1G fantasy teams: Week 5

I don't want to toot my own horn but ... HONK!

OK, I admit I'm enjoying my early run of dominance over Rittenberg in our Big Ten fantasy league. My team, Non-Gingervitis, is 4-0 after four weeks.

Adam's team, The Trombone Shorties, tied for their second-highest point total of the season last week with 110. Russell Wilson (25 points), Marvin McNutt (22) and the Michigan State defense (21) all had big days for Rittenberg.

Ah, but he was again no match for my team, which rolled up 129 points. Denard Robinson (41 points) continues to be my fantasy MVP, while Montee Ball (22) and the Penn State defense (21) also came through.

Lest I get too cocky, though, we still have an entire league season to get through. The sledding gets tougher going forward.

For the fourth straight week, Adam gets the (dis)honor of picking first on the waiver wire since he lost. Be concerned if he picks a receiver from your team. He added Michigan's Junior Hemingway two weeks ago and Indiana's Duwyce Wilson last week, and they combined for a grand total of zero points.

Here are our moves for Week 5:

Adam drops Wisconsin RB James White for Nebraska RB Rex Burkhead

Rationale: Not a knock on White, who I'm sure will now rush for five TDs, but Burkhead has been far too productive to be left on the sideline. One of us needs him, and I'm beating you to it.

Brian drops Michigan State RB Edwin Baker for White

Rationale: I guess losing does have its privileges, as I would have loved to pick up Burkhead. Baker's been disappointing, fantasy-wise, and I'm not sure how well the Spartans will run against Ohio State. So I'll handcuff White to Montee Ball and hope for a big day by the Badgers on the ground Saturday.

Adam drops Iowa WR Marvin McNutt for Penn State WR Derek Moye

Rationale: Iowa is off and McNutt hopefully will be back on the Shorties in a week, but I need points, and Moye should have a big day in Bloomington.

Adam drops Indiana WR Duwyce Wilson for Wisconsin WR Nick Toon

Rationale: Wilson did nothing last week for me, and while I'm a bit leery of Toon going against Nebraska's Alfonzo Dennard, the Wisconsin senior is having a big year.

The complete rosters for this week:


QB: Nathan Scheelhaase, Illinois

QB: Russell Wilson, Wisconsin

RB: Rex Burkhead, Nebraska

RB: Silas Redd, Penn State

WR: Derek Moye, Penn State

WR: Nick Toon, Wisconsin

Defense: Michigan State

Kickers: Nebraska


QB: Denard Robinson, Michigan

QB: Taylor Martinez, Nebraska

RB: Montee Ball, Wisconsin

RB: James White, Wisconsin

WR: B.J. Cunningham, Michigan State

WR: A.J. Jenkins, Illinois

Defense: Penn State

Kickers: Wisconsin