Big Ten chat wrap: Oct. 12

If you haven't joined the Big Ten chat party, you're really missing out. I answer questions about my wife, how it looks like I'm taping videos in my mom's basement and whether a new ingredient in beer has spurred all Wisconsin college and pro teams to great success.

Like I said, you're missing out.

Here's this week's Big Ten chat wrap-up.

And here are some highlights:

Tom from Lincoln Park: Adam, do you see MSU being able to score enough points to win? Michigan has played some really good offense in ND and Northwestern, and has given up yards but kept those teams off the board in the 2nd half. Do you see that continuing this week?

Adam Rittenberg: Tom, that's a good question. The key for Michigan State is limiting turnovers and being able to run the ball on first down. Michigan has been terrific at forcing turnovers, even from a team like Northwestern that leads the Big Ten in fewest giveaways. Kirk Cousins must be smart in his decision-making, but the real key for MSU is being able to run the ball with Baker and Bell, both of whom gashed Michigan last year in AA.

Chuck from Michigan: Russell is a good guess at the Heisman, but if your other prediction comes true (Michigan wins the Legends), it's because Denard has continued to put up great numbers. Wisconsin probably still wins the B1G without Russell, but Michigan is sunk without Shoelace. Combine that with the Michigan name (which, fair or unfair, gets more weight than Wisconsin), and I see Robinson winning the Heisman. Am I way off base here?

Adam Rittenberg: I think you are, Chuck. Robinson's interception total will cost him when matched up with other Heisman contenders. Yes, Robinson does special things, but he also makes many more mistakes than QBs like Luck, Moore, Jones, Griffin and yes, Russell Wilson. Heisman voters won't ignore what likely will be a double-digit interceptions total. I know I'll have a hard time ignoring it.

Randy from St. Louis: I find you to be pretty realistic. You do not have "Big Ten beats all" attitude. You seem to know where the Big Ten stands, and I do enjoy reading your blog as a Big 12 fan. So, I am going to ask you this. Who do you think would win between Oklahoma and Wisconsin if they played here in St Louis?

Adam Rittenberg: Thanks, Randy. That would be a really exciting matchup. Both teams can do a ton of damage on the offensive side. Neither team has a lock-down defense, although I'd give the edge to Oklahoma there. It likely would come down to quarterback play, Wilson vs. Landry Jones. Oklahoma would have the crowd advantage in St. Louis, but Wisconsin would travel well, too. Think you can make this matchup happen? If so, I'm so there.

J.B. from PA: Any chance the B1G rethinks the decision to call them the 'Leaders' and 'Legends' divisions? Please say yes.

Adam Rittenberg: There's a chance, J.B., as they're still not resonating with most fans. But the Big Ten has made significant investments in Legends and Leaders. You see it in commercials, in the Big Ten mobile tour and in other areas. The league really wants these names to connect with its fans, and will make every effort to make this connection. We'll see what happens ...

Thanks again for your questions. Same time, same place, next week.