No word on possible Gholston discipline

There's no word yet on whether the Big Ten and/or Michigan State will take any action against Spartans defensive end William Gholston, who received two personal foul penalties in Saturday's win against Michigan.

A Big Ten official told ESPN.com a decision isn't expected Monday.

Gholston punched Michigan offensive lineman Taylor Lewan after a play and twisted the facemask of Wolverines quarterback Denard Robinson at the end of another play.

According to the Big Ten handbook, the first definition of sportslike conduct is: "Striking or attempting to strike or otherwise physically abusing an official, opposing coach, spectator or athlete."

First-time offenders are subject to a suspension for up to 50 percent of his/her team's scheduled games.

Here's the procedure, according to the handbook:

Within three business days of its becoming aware, by the Commissioner or designee or any other source, of any unsportslike or possible unsportslike conduct involving an individual associated with it, a member university, through its Director of Athletics, is to submit a report to the Commissioner or designee on its behalf and on behalf of the involved individual containing all information they have regarding its institutional position relative to the unsportslike or possible unsportslike conduct, including the identity of each individual involved in the matter, the penalty and remedial action, if any, which the member university has assessed or taken or proposes to assess or take. The Faculty Representative shall receive a copy of this report simultaneous with its

transmission to the Big Ten office. Within three business days of receipt of the report from the member university or, in that instance where a member university has not submitted a report, within three business days of the date on which the report was to have been submitted, the Commissioner or designee is to determine whether an act of unsportslike conduct has occurred.

At that point, the Big Ten could impose penalties.

So the situation could take several more days to be resolved.

An Oct. 1 unsportslike conduct incident involving Illinois LB Jonathan Brown was resolved two days later when the Illini suspended Brown for a game and the Big Ten accepted the penalty and issued a public reprimand.

Many of you want Brian and I to weigh on this situation, and we will write more after there's a resolution.

My quick take: Gholston should be suspended for this week's game against Wisconsin. His conduct in both cases is completely unacceptable. If Michigan State doesn't step in, which wouldn't totally shock me, the Big Ten should do so.