Big Ten Heisman Watch: Week 10

This is not so much an update as it is a farewell.

Say goodbye to any hopes the Big Ten had to winning the Heisman Trophy this year. And I so looked forward to chronicling the race each week.

Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson had a great shot heading into late October, but two consecutive losses by the Badgers have dealt his campaign a fatal blow. Shame, too, because the fourth-quarter comebacks he led against Michigan State and Ohio State would have been perfect Heisman fodder. Unfortunately, Wilson does not also play defensive back.

Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson threw another interception last week against Purdue and wasn't even the offensive star for his team (Fitz Toussaint was). The Wolverines still have only one loss, and I suppose that if Shoelace could turn in a November that was as dazzling as his 2010 September was, he could climb back in. But as much as Brady Hoke has been using Devin Gardner and trying to get the running game going, I seriously doubt that happens.

Penn State's Silas Redd and Nebraska's Rex Burkhead have been great of late, but the running backs haven't gotten much national traction. If one has a huge closing month and other Heisman candidates really falter, then maybe that will change. If so, count on the glorious return of the Big Ten Heisman Watch.

But for now, this is farewell.