Big Ten Monday chat wrap

I understand if you didn't make it to my chat this week. It's Halloween, after all, and you might have to put some last-minute touches on your costume. I'm dying my hair black for my Tony La Russa outfit.

But never fear. When you've eaten too much candy and need something to take the edge off your sugar high, you can read the full transcript of the chat here. Or whet your appetite with a few bite-sized highlights:

Dustin Hoffman (Lincoln): What do you think are the Huskers chances at a national title if upsets were to happen and win big?

Brian Bennett: Never say never, but I think it's virtually nil. There'd have to be mass chaos in the SEC, Pac-12 and Big 12, plus Boise would have to go down.

Randy (NYC): Obviously the Badgers need some help to get to Indy, but is it really all that hard to see? They need PSU to lose once before they play Wisconsin. With Nebraska coming to town in two weeks, it could happen right there. An OSU loss probably needs to happen as well and maybe its to Michigan? Couple those with Wisconsin winning out (Something not unimaginable at all), and they would go to Indy. is this scenario THAT ridiculous?

Brian Bennett: It's not that hard to see, and Wisconsin has a very favorable schedule the rest of the way. Problem is, the Badgers have put themselves in a position where they now need help

Aaron (Fairfax): I think this is a genuinely hard question: who is your B1G coach of the year two thirds of the way through the season?

Brian Bennett: That is a great question, and things could change significantly in the next month. Right now, I'd probably have to give it to Brady Hoke.

Chris (Chicago, IL): We know the defense is terrible and will probably give up 400 yards rushing this week... but Northwestern's offense with Persa has surpassed the average total points allowed of every B1G opponent it's faced this season, which includes 3 of the top 5 scoring defenses in the B1G (Illinois, PSU, Michigan). With Nebraska nursing an MSU hangover/looking ahead to PSU, can Northwestern's offense win in a shootout?

Brian Bennett: That's the sad thing for Northwestern ... if it had any defense at all, this could have been a good year. In talking to Nebraska, I don't expect them to look past the 'Cats. The Huskers seem very focused and know they have to win out. I shudder at the Northwestern defense trying to stop Burkhead and Martinez

Brutus Buckeye (Columbus): Seeing how long it has taken for the NCAA COF to render its verdict, it almost seems like they are waiting to see how the season is going to determine the punishment. With Ohio State now having a legitimate chance to make it to the Big Ten Championship game, would the NCAA impose the postseason ban (at least for this year) as just one more slap in the face?

Brian Bennett: I don't think the NCAA thinks about what's going on in the current season when it issues its rulings, but you never really know what they're thinking. A postseason ban -- which seems unlikely but not out of the question -- would be the ultimate downer for a team that has worked so hard to get back on its feet.