Fashionable or fiasco? You make the call

The Big Ten is full of storied traditions. But some teams are happy to put their history on hold when they get a chance to break out some new uniforms.

Special uniforms are all the rage in college football, and the Big Ten is in on the craze. The most memorable fashion statements so far in the league have been:

One man's fashion is another man's fiasco. My favorites were the Michigan home uniforms and the Northwestern purple. I didn't care for either side's duds in the Michigan-Michigan State game, and I go back and forth whether I liked Ohio State's look on Saturday.

We do know that the players usually are very enthusiastic for these changes. Are you? I'd like to know which uniforms you thought were the best and which ones were the worst, and whether any of them are keepers instead of one-time wears. Vote in our polls and I'll try to do a follow-up post with some of your feedback later on.