Big Ten in the latest polls

Here's where Big Ten teams rank in the latest Top 25 polls in advance of tonight's BCS standings release. The Harris Interactive Poll comes out later this afternoon.

AP poll

No. 11 Michigan State

No. 15 Wisconsin

No. 17 Michigan

No. 20 Penn State

No. 22 Nebraska

Coaches' poll

No. 10 Michigan State

No. 12 Wisconsin

No. 16 Michigan

No. 19 Penn State

No. 22 Nebraska

For BCS at-large purposes, it's good to see Big Ten teams ranked higher in the coaches' poll than the AP because the AP has no bearing on the BCS standings. Michigan, likely the Big Ten's best hope for an at-large berth, must finish in the top 14 of the final BCS standings to be eligible. I'm a little surprised Wisconsin and Penn State aren't getting more love with the AP voters, and I can't see why a team like South Carolina, which hasn't beaten anyone of substance since Week 2 against Georgia, continues to be ranked ahead of both Wisconsin and Michigan. Oklahoma is another team that continues to get the benefit of the doubt from the AP voters.