Monday Big Ten chat wrap

Miss my Big Ten chat today? What were you doing, making your Thanksgiving sides already?

Well, don't be a turkey. Read the entire transcript here, or munch on these appetizing highlights:

Irwin (NYC) What does Penn State need to do to beat Wisconsin in Madison Saturday? The defense looked very good last week in Columbus, is there any reason to think that they can't shut down the Badger Officse?

Brian Bennett: The defense has looked great all season, and I think Penn State can give Wisconsin some problems up front, especially in the middle where the Badgers have had to reshuffle things on the O-line. But the Badgers will score points at home. PSU has to do something creative again offensively to keep up.

Rob (Coventry, RI) Hi Brian, just wanted to know what the difference is now between #2 Bama getting a possible rematch for the title with #1 LSU, when in 2006, #2 Michigan was not allowed a rematch with #1 Ohio State? In 06, the thinking was if you cannot handle buisness during the season, then you do not deserve a rematch. Michigan lost by 3pts, it;s last game of the season. Bama also lost by 3pts, but is this because there loss was not the last game of the season and they have time to recover? They cannot even win their conference, but yet they will have a chance to play for a title? Thank You

Brian Bennett: Difference is there aren't many good options for the game this year, unlike in 2006 when Florida won the SEC. And that proved to be the right call back then. Didn't like the idea of the rematch a few weeks ago and still don't, but who else deserves to play for it all? Weird year

Marc (Berkeley, CA): If Michigan beats Ohio State, everyone is projecting Michigan to play in the Sugar Bowl. My read is that the only thing that could keep a 10-2 Michian out of the Sugar Bowl would be Georgia winning the SEC championship game, which might put three SEC teams in BCS bowls (if Alabama and LSU are still 1-2 in the BCS rankings) or put OK State in the national championship game and cause the Fiesta Bowl to pick another Big 12 team (Kansas State?) to play against Stanford. Conversely, a Georgia loss would almost certainly put Michigan in the top 14. What do you think?

Brian Bennett: My head hurts from reading that. Realistically, I don't think we'll see three SEC teams, and OK State still has to beat Oklahoma. If Michigan takes care of business this week -- still an if -- then I think the Wolverines go to the BCS

Dan (Crystal Lake, IL): Based on the bowl projections, if Iowa wins in Lincoln and Ohio State goes down against Michigan will iowa jump ohio state for the gator bowl??

Brian Bennett: Quite possible. A 6-6 Ohio State team coming off three straight losses wouldn't be that attractive, even with the Buckeyes' big fan base.

Brian (Columbus, Ohio) Ok, what are the odds that Meyer is next OSU coach.. if not him, then who?

Brian Bennett: Clearly, he's the first choice. The only thing I think would hold him back is if he or his family put the brakes on it because of health reasons. I'd say it's 80-20 in favor of him becoming the next Buckeyes coach

Herbie (Lincoln, NE): Can you talk us off the ledge here?

Brian Bennett: I'll try. I know Nebraska fans are not too happy right now. Hey, it was the first year in a new league, you had some key injuries and young players. The Huskers had some good wins (Michigan State, Penn State, Ohio State). It's not the end of the world, though Pelini needs to get this thing going pretty soon