Roundup of Urban Meyer reaction

It's not official until 5:15 p.m. ET, but Ohio State's hiring of Urban Meyer as its football coach has not surprisingly been the top story around college football today.

Here's a collection of quotes and columns on Meyer and Ohio State:

  • ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit to The Columbus Dispatch: "I am beyond elated about this hire. [I] have always privately wondered what Urban Meyer would be like at Ohio State, just because of his Ohio ties, and because of his personality. He will recruit at a level that I think will be exciting to a lot of people in the Buckeye community, just how intense he is when it comes to recruiting. Talk about some wars between Michigan head coach Brady Hoke and Urban Meyer, it’s going to be outstanding to see how that goes. That's because you know the first thing Urban Meyer is going to want is to own the state of Ohio in recruiting. He also will put together a staff that will be outstanding."

  • Michigan coach Brady Hoke: "I've known Urban, he's a good football coach, a good guy and I welcome him in. But it's still Michigan and Ohio and neither one of us is going to play the game."

  • Former Ohio State coach Earle Bruce to The Associated Press: "Well, if he'd had a heart attack and his heart was bad, I'd be worried about that. I'm not worried that he was stressed out over the game of football because he was thinking too much and not doing some things [exercising] that would have kept him straight. I think he got everything back under control by sitting out a year. I think he missed football. And he's good at it."

  • CBSSports.com's Gregg Doyel: "Urban Meyer to Ohio State is the perfect hire. It's Calipari-to-Kentucky perfect. The marriage of Urban Meyer to Ohio State is a game-changer for college football, a move that will propel Ohio State back to the top of the national heap with such velocity that it will pull along the rest of the Big Ten in its jet stream."

  • SI.com's Stewart Mandel: "One need only examine Meyer's past career stops to figure out how things will develop at Ohio State. Year 1 may be a bit of a struggle, as Ohio State players adjust to an entirely new staff and scheme. In Year 2 the Buckeyes will explode, contending for the Big Ten and national titles barring impending NCAA sanctions. All the while Meyer will be recruiting like a mad man -- conveniently, the NCAA recently repealed the ban on text messaging it originally imposed in part because of Meyer himself -- rubbing rival coaches the wrong way and making national headlines every time he says something remotely controversial at a press conference. But Meyer's biggest obstacle to success won't be Michigan or Wisconsin or any other Big Ten school. It won't be implementing his offense or overcoming forthcoming sanctions. It will be himself."

  • The Sporting News' Matt Hayes: "If you don’t think Meyer was preparing for this very moment, you’re the same guy who thinks Ohio State has institutional control. Now think again, Ohio State fans, about the Meyer hire. Are you getting the game’s best coach; the guy who turned around Bowling Green, who led the first non-BCS team (Utah) to a BCS bowl, who won two national championships in six seasons at Florida? Or the guy who left Gainesville with serious health issues, then came back because he couldn’t leave the game, then got out of Dodge when it was obvious the greatest player in college football history wasn’t around anymore?"

  • AOL FanHouse's David Whitley: "The burnout thing was real, even if Meyer refused to let his robot fa├žade down and show us the MRI images of his stomach. He should have left after his first 'retirement,' but the coaching demon was too strong. After the frazzled 2010, he realized he needed to fade away. But at his farewell news conference, Meyer left the door open to coaching again. The distinct impression was it was more a probability than a possibility. He never put a time frame on how long he would be gone. He never said he wouldn’t do TV work. He didn’t say Will Muschamp should beat LSU and Alabama in his first season. So where was the deception, much less the lies?"

  • LeBron James on Twitter (@KingJames): "So excited about Urban Meyer at OState!! He's going to be amazing. Put them Buckeyes right back to where they belong. Atop the Big 10"

  • CBSSports.com's Bruce Feldman: "We'd sat in the meeting for some three hours and Urban Meyer didn't gush when any of the top 150 recruits' names came up. Well, at least not like he did when the name Braxton Miller was called out that day. About a dozen of us were seated around one of those long rectangular tables in a cramped room in Charlotte last February. ... The day before we had a three-hour production meeting where Meyer talked about, well, raved about having watched film on Braxton Miller. We'd gone thru ESPN's top 150 players one by one on that list and I recall Meyer, who always seems quite measured, didn't rave about any of them like he did when Miller's name came up. ... The room, which had more than its share of side conversations, went silent when Meyer spoke about what he saw in Miller. He even used the word "special" when describing the QB from Huber Heights, Ohio, who had been rated as the 80th best prospect in the class. Of course, Meyer's recruiting class ended up with another blue-chip quarterback, Jeff Driskel, who was a promising local QB while Miller had been long committed to the Buckeyes and Jim Tressel."

  • The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's Jeff Schultz: "Urban Meyer just went from savior to Satan in Gainesville. Sorry, but did Florida fans really expect he was going to spend the rest of his life sitting in a climate-controlled studio and planting pansies? Welcome to reality, Gator fans. You’re apparently the last one to figure out that Meyer is no less disingenuous than any other college coach, and he might be worse."