How we voted in the latest power rankings

It's time to check our ballots as championship week has wrapped up and the bowl pairings are set.

Here's how we voted in the latest ESPN.com power rankings poll.

Brian Bennett's ballot

1. LSU

2. Alabama

3. Oklahoma State

4. Stanford

5. Boise State

6. Oregon

7. Arkansas

8. USC

9. Wisconsin

10. South Carolina

11. Michigan State

12. Michigan

13. Baylor

14. TCU

15. Kansas State

16. Clemson

17. Virginia Tech

18. Georgia

19. Nebraska

20. Southern Miss

21. Oklahoma

22. Houston

23. Penn State

24. West Virginia

25. Florida State

Adam Rittenberg's ballot

1. LSU

2. Oklahoma State

3. Alabama

4. Stanford

5. Boise State

6. Oregon

7. Arkansas

8. USC

9. South Carolina

10. Wisconsin

11. Baylor

12. Kansas State

13. Michigan State

14. Michigan

15. Clemson

16. Virginia Tech

17. TCU

18. Nebraska

19. Georgia

20 Southern Miss

21. Houston

22. West Virginia

23. Oklahoma

24. Penn State

25. Cincinnati

We split on the No. 2 team in college football, as Bennett went with Alabama, while Oklahoma State impressed me enough in the Bedlam game to move into the second line. The next five teams are the same on our ballots, while Wisconsin checks in at No. 9 on Bennett's but No. 10 on mine. Bennett has both Michigan State and Michigan a few spots higher than I do, and we differ quite a bit on the merits of both Baylor and Kansas State. Nebraska appears one spot higher on my ballot (No. 18) than Bennett's, while Penn State appears one spot higher on his (No. 23) than mine. Oklahoma paid a heavy price on both of our ballots, as did Houston. Florida State rounds out Bennett's ballot at No. 25, while I went with Cincinnati.