Monday Big Ten chat wrap

I'm not going to lie. Today's chat was a little slow, with about 60 percent fewer questions than normal. But it's the day after Christmas, and people have other things on their mind.

Still, we had some fun discussions, and you can read the entire transcript here. Or browse a few highlights:

Zac (New Orleans on Jan 3rd): Which version of my Wolverines defense do you expect to show up at the Sugar Bowl? The fundamentally sound group that played great in games against Illinois, Purdue, Minn, and Nebraska, or the out-of-place somewhat sloppy unit we saw early in the season and mainly in the final game of the season against O$U. Ill be there for the game, and i think if we keep the momentum from the final 3 games of the season, we will tear it up and give the Big10 a much needed BCS victory.

Brian Bennett: I expect the defense to play really well. Ohio State showed a lot of different looks in that game that it hadn't done all season. Virginia Tech is not an explosive offense, and with a month to prepare, Michigan should do well. I like the Wolverines a lot in that game

Bailey (Omaha, Nebraska) In the 2012-2013 season which conference will be stronger? The Big 10 or the Big 12?

Brian Bennett: I can't say that I've studied the Big 12 rosters for next year in any real depth. TCU should help, and eventually Texas has to bounce back, right? I see the Big Ten being a lot like this year in '12. Lots of very good teams but probably none that are elite. Throw in the transitions at PSU and Illinois and the bowl ban for Ohio State and the league could even take a small step back in terms of national perception.

Ted (Omaha, Nebraska): Brian: Reading between the lines it looks to me as if Bo Pelini was really anxious to get Rick Kaczenski onto his staff and that was a large part of his decision to pass on Mike Stoops. Am I over-rating that hire? Is Kaczenski a really good acquisition? Thanks.

Brian Bennett: I don't know that much about Kaczenski, but he's a young guy whose work on that defensive line in recent years speaks for itself. I think Pelini also really wanted to promote Papuchis. As for a big-name coordinator like Stoops, I'm not sure that was ever going to happen. Remember that Pelini is a defense-oriented guy and will always have a big hand in calling the shots on that side of the ball.

Bryab (Hoboken, NJ): Do you think there are any Big Ten coaches on the hot seat next year?

Brian Bennett: If Purdue doesn't play well in its bowl then starts off slowly next year, I think Hope could be in trouble even with his recent two-year extension. After that, everybody should be relatively safe.