Fun with potential Pac-12/B1G matchups

The Big Ten and Pac-12 announced Wednesday that the two leagues would join forces for annual interconference games (And if somebody hasn't already trademarked the Biggie-Pac Midwest/Coast Feud as the title of this series, I'm running to the patent office tomorrow).

Anyway, many details are yet to be hashed out about which teams will play, when, where, etc. We know the football games between the leagues won't start until 2017. That's a long time from now. But that didn't deter me from coming up with a fun potential lineup of head-to-head, Big Ten/Pac-12 showdowns if the games were to begin next season.

Here's what I suggest:

Ohio State-USC: The Compliance Bowl. Loser has to eat the scholarship reductions from the winner. Terrelle Pryor and Reggie Bush serve as honorary captains.

Michigan-Arizona: RichRod's Revenge. Wildcats practice 20 hours a day to get ready. Let's make this happen.

Nebraska-Colorado: Buffs: "Hey, we're renewing our old Big 12 rivalry!" Huskers: "I'm sorry. Who are you again?"

Northwestern-Stanford: The SAT Bowl. The combined tuition payments from those in the stands would surpass our national debt.

Michigan State-Oregon: Almost happened this year if the Spartans would have held on in Indy. There would be so much green in this game that they should play at a neutral site: Boise's blue field.

Wisconsin-Cal: The cities of Madison and Berkeley also enter into a partnership. Their shared goal: mellowing out.

Penn State-Washington: Cue up the grunge music, because this game would totally rock if it were still the early '90s.

Indiana-Washington State: Two former Oklahoma offensive coordinators square off in Mike Leach and Kevin Wilson. Worth it just for the press conferences.

Purdue-UCLA: The John Wooden Bowl. Two programs that care more about basketball and often underachieve in football.

Illinois-Arizona State: These two teams played this season in just about the last time anybody thought either one was any good.

Minnesota-Oregon State: Beavers vs. Gophers just seems to fit.

Iowa-Utah: Uh, both states have four letters? OK, so these don't all work.

What are your dream Pac-12/Big Ten matchups?