Is Munchak back in play for Penn State?

The Mike Munchak-Penn State buzz isn't dying down.

Colleague Joe Schad reports Saturday that Munchak, the Tennessee Titans coach, is torn about whether to return to Penn State and help his alma mater through the toughest period in program history. Munchak on Wednesday denied he's a candidate at Penn State, which reportedly had targeted him for its vacancy.

Munchak's denial was about as definitive as denials get, but privately he's wrestling with the decision.

Munchak has repeatedly stated he would remain at Tennessee, but a source close to him said Munchak is struggling with the concept that he can "fix and make right" his alma mater. "He loves his school and his heart is torn," the source said Saturday. "He really fits what they want and need to a tee."

Schad also reports that New England Patriots offensive coordinator Bill O'Brien could be in the mix at Penn State. Another NFL assistant, Green Bay Packers quarterback coach Tom Clements, reportedly has had discussions with the school.

It seems pretty clear there was, or still is, interest between Munchak and Penn State. Of all the NFL candidates being mentioned, he makes by far the most sense.