First Quarter: Virginia Tech 3, Michigan 0

NEW ORLEANS -- This looks like a game Virginia Tech can win -- if it cuts down on its mistakes. It was an odd start to the game for both teams, as standout Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson began with four carries, two fumbles, a loss of a yard and a pick.

Yes, that Denard Robinson.

And Virginia Tech standout running back David Wilson let his ego run the offense for a play and went backwards for a baffling loss of 22 yards.

Yes, that David Wilson.

Wilson's run plus an untimely penalty forced Virginia Tech to settle for a field goal, but the good news for the Hokies was that reserve kicker Justin Myer made it -- a 37-yarder for his first made field goal of the season. That should get some jitters out, not only for Myer, but for Virginia Tech fans as well.

Michigan center David Molk missed the first series with a foot injury he re-aggravated from earlier in the season, but it wasn't enough to keep him out for more than a series. Still, Virginia Tech's defense has had the edge early. Kyle Fuller came up with an interception just when Michigan's offense seemed to finally get going. Michigan's defense has given up too many big plays, and the Hokies' passing game is looking much better than it did in the ACC title game against Clemson. Logan Thomas has been the better quarterback so far. Michigan had 29 yards of total offense while the Hokies had 110. The Hokies have controlled the clock, and so far, the game.