Dave Joyner statement on JoePa's passing

Apologies for not posting this sooner, but Penn State acting athletic director Dave Joyner issued a statement on the passing of the school's longtime former football coach Joe Paterno. Joyner was an All-American offensive lineman for Paterno in 1971.

Joyner's statement reads:

This is a tremendous loss for Penn State and the world. Joe Paterno was a great man who was one of the greatest influences on my life and the lives of Penn Staters. For all of us who played for Joe, he taught us so much. He was a teacher and an educator first. He taught us about self-discipline and paying attention to the small details. He built young men from the inside out. He's famous for saying, "if you keep hustling and plugging away something good will happen" and we all discovered how true that was.

Because of the way he led and taught Penn Staters, the world is such a better place, not just because of his direct influence, but because of the influence he had on so many who have graduated from Penn State to positively impact the world.