Iowa's Kirk Ferentz to take arctic plunge

If I made a list of Big Ten coaches most likely to jump in freezing water outside a casino in Iowa in late January, Kirk Ferentz wouldn't be near the top.

Ferentz and Johnny Knoxville don't have much in common.

But the Iowa head coach on Saturday will step outside his comfort zone and into some very cold water. Ferentz and several others from Iowa's athletic department will take the arctic plunge around noon ET Saturday as part of a fundraiser for the Hawkeye Wrestling Club. Proceeds go to help wrestlers with living expenses and costs as they prepare for events like the Olympics and the World Championships.

Here's more information on the event, which takes place at the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort in Riverside, Iowa (something tells me Ferentz would prefer a golf fundraiser in June, but this is how those wrestlers roll).

Ferentz talked about the arctic plunge last month while in a much warmer location (Arizona).

"How do you say no to those guys?” Ferentz said Thursday after his Insight Bowl press conference. "They'll break my arm or dislocate my shoulder. I’m a huge fan, obviously. I think that involves cold water if I remember. But how do you say no to those guys?"

Hmmm, broken arm or hypothermia? Tough call.

Iowa assistant coach LeVar Woods and strength coach Chris Doyle are also among those taking the plunge. Ferentz's appearance already is helping generate pledges for the event.

Kudos to Ferentz for doing this. I can't imagine too many other 56-year-old college football coaches would do the same, and certainly not those pampered, sun-tanned coaches from SEC country.

I'm looking forward to the photos and videos of the event.

And who knows? Maybe jumping in freezing water will help Ferentz pick a defensive coordinator.