Penn State: Turning out the lights

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Bob Bair drove the usual 41 miles into work on Friday morning, and when he was about six miles from State College, he saw the glow. The lights were from Beaver Stadium, where they'd been on all week in memory of Joe Paterno. Bair knew more about those lights than anyone in the world. He turned them on.

Bair has been an electrician at Penn State for 27 years -- it will be 28 next month -- and for the last 10, the stadium has been his office.

This past Sunday, he was sitting at home when he saw the breaking news on his television. Coach Paterno had died. Not much later, while he was out picking up lunch for his family, the phone rang. It was his boss. They needed him to go in and do what he'd done hundreds of times: Turn the lights on, Bob. Not just the bowl lights that shine on the field. All of them. A game-day set up.

"He wanted the whole stadium lit up," he said. "I said it was a great honor."

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