Big Ten chat wrap: Feb. 22

In case you were doing something else between noon and 1 p.m. ET -- like, I don't know, working -- you missed a heck of a Big Ten chat.

Don't fret as I've got the full transcript here:

Check out some highlights:

Chris M. from Washington: Penn State has a pretty favorable schedule this year. I can see them winning 9 maybe even 10 games. Whatare your thoughts on O'Brien getting them out of the gates quick taking advanatge of schedule which they should handle pretty well?

Adam Rittenberg: Chris, this is a good point and one that has been a bit overlooked about Penn State and O'Brien's first year. The schedule does set up well, and Penn State plays its two toughest division opponents (Ohio State and Wisconsin) at Beaver Stadium. The key to me is the quarterback spot and what O'Brien can get out of McGloin/Bolden/Jones. The defense might not be quite as dominant without Devon Still, and while the linebackers are fabulous, the secondary has some holes. But I don't think 9 wins is out of the question for O'Brien in Year 1.

Jason from Columbus, Ohio: I was not happy at all about OSU hiring a guy who has quit football twice in as many years. But I think he learned from Penn State that if delegated correctly, even an 80-something can survive as a big time head coach. So, I am wondering.....will Urban see the end of his 6 year contract, or retire/quit before then? I personally think that if he wins a National Title before 7 years are up, he is gone until Notre Dame or the NFL calls. If he does not win, then the pressure and his bad habits will come back and he will have to quit in 8-9 years. Thoughts?

Adam Rittenberg: Jason, some interesting comments here. I think the wise approach for Ohio State fans is to enjoy Urban while he's there and not expect him to stay 10+ years. The track record is what it is, and I could see him moving elsewhere if he wins a national title. Then again, he has a lot of affinity for the state of Ohio and has roots there, unlike Florida or Utah. But I don't see him as a guy who stays for more than a decade. I could be wrong. But I think it's important for Ohio State fans to take this mind-set.

Adam from Austin, Texas: Adam! Do you think the B1G will ever realign the divisions? I would love to see them realign them every eight years to keep it fresh as well as keep the divisons even.

Adam Rittenberg: Anything is possible, Adam, and the Big Ten will continue to evaluate. But don't expect any changes to be made soon. A lot depends on the power balance within the league. If Michigan State continues on its upward trajectory, Iowa reclaims its 2009 form and Northwestern takes another step or two, the Legends might be much stronger than the Leaders. But remember that Purdue was a strong program in the late 1990s and early 2000s. If the Boilers reclaim that form, Wisconsin continues to win, Penn State gets back to elite status and Ohio State does its thing, the Leaders might be stronger.

James from Wisconsin: Adam, love the blog. In the combine article you note that Wilson needs to pove he can throw over massive lineman. I find this perplexing, as Wisconsin fields the 3rd largest line in all of football. Hasn't he already proven he can throw over massive, NFL caliber lineman and be very successful in doing so?

Adam Rittenberg: James, that's a good point, but he'll have to make those throws at a level where the speed of the game is much greater. Russell did an excellent job of moving the pocket at both Wisconsin and NC State. He'd run to a spot and create time and space to make throws with his strong arm. That'll be harder to do in the NFL. He'll have to make more throws within the pocket, over the heads of big offensive linemen and big defensive linemen, into tighter windows against better defensive backs.

Thanks again for your questions and participation. My apologies to those whose questions weren't answered. Try again next week!