Big Ten Monday chat wrap

Things were a bit slow at times during my Monday Big Ten chat -- hey, we're all dealing with some NCAA tournament hangover -- but there were still good questions to be answered.

If you missed it, here's the full transcript. And a few highlights:

Zachary (Omaha): Why do I keep hearing that having an 8 team playoff would take away from the regular season? Having home field advantage in the first round would make me want to win every game. Also there is no reason that the bowls can't remain in place, have the quarterfinals 2 weeks after the season and then two of the bowls become the national semifinals.

Brian Bennett: There could be a danger in an eight-team playoff taking a little bit away from the regular season, as conference races might not be as exciting. While I'd enjoy an eight-team tournament, I think a four-team playoff is enough, and the battle for those four spots (and home field) would truly keep the regular season as important as it is now.

Britton (Lincoln): With nearly every piece returning on the husker offense and Martinez finally able to have a round two in a system without change unlike the previous two years... i think the offense will be quite sound. Enlighten me on what you expect from the Husker offense this year?

Brian Bennett: I agree with your take. The biggest key is whether Martinez can improve his accuracy and if the receivers can become more consistent. I think both will happen to a degree. We know the running game will be strong. Nebraska could very well lead the Big Ten in scoring.

Ted (Charlottesville, VA): Give Purdue fans something to be excited about after our horrible loss to Kansas last night...

Brian Bennett: Poor Robbie Hummel. Anyway, I'd be excited if I were a Purdue football fan. This team looks like it will have as much depth, experience and talent as any Danny Hope has had, and there's finally health and lots of options at QB. The Boilers could be a real sleeper in 2012 and should be poised to make a move. Kawann Short could be a beast on defense.

Pavlov's Dog (Mother Russia): If you could choose 1 spring game in the B1G to attend, where would it be and why?

Brian Bennett: I think spring games are wildly overrated, but if I had to choose one this year I'd say Ohio State. Just seeing the Buckeyes run Urban Meyer's offense will be really interesting, and there's bound to be a lot of excitement and a huge crowd on hand. Second choice would be Penn State to see the dawn of the O'Brien era and all the changes taking place.

Justin (Madison): As a Badger Fan is it wrong that I'd rather us just go through some growing pains with a Freshman QB then keep getting one and done QB? I believe Brooks Bollinger was our last 4 year starter. I just want some stability for 4 years weather its Slave or Houston. Is that really a bad thing?

Brian Bennett: Well, if you think Houston is the future, then another transfer QB isn't a bad idea. Houston's injured and is going to miss some camp, so you could redshirt him this year, bring him along behind a guy like O'Brien and then have him lead your team for 3-to-4 years. Frankly, Wisconsin has a window of opportunity here to win another Big Ten title, and you have to go for it when that's possible.

Chris (DC): BB, Nebraska's been in the B1G for a year now (or close enough), how much in the fold do you think they feel? Penn State still doesn't really feel like it "belongs" and it's been here for 2 decades...

Brian Bennett: I get the sense that Nebraska's transition has been more seamless, maybe because it just has much more of a Midwest feel to it than Penn State. Any Huskers fans care to share their opinions on this?