No. 1 seed Ohio State moves into final

One side of our Big Ten Champions Tournament final is set.

Top-seed Ohio State 2002 took out No. 4 seed Ohio State 2006 with ease, winning 70 percent of your vote. And here are a few comments from those who voted:

Kevin from Charlotte: The 2002 team was the most exciting season of football of my life. Hands down the winner with ease. The brought back a championship to Columbus and I still watch highlights of the "Holy Buckeye".

Peter from Columbus, Ohio: I've always thought of the 2006 Ohio State team as the best team in the conference in recent memory. That's not to say the National Champions weren't a great team, they just had a few games that were too close, especially on the road (4 point win at C-USA UC, OT win at Illinois, Holy Buckeye at Purdue), whereas the 2006 team won big at Texas and Iowa. Going 2-1 against #2 ranked teams isn't bad either, although I'd call it a toss-up between the 2OT Miami game and OSU-Mich 2006.

Steve from Milwaukee: This, to me, is the toughest match-up yet. I still believe the 2006 Buckeyes, despite their pitiful showing in the NCG, were the best team that year. The talent on offense alone was tremendous and their complete domination of the regular season was undeniable (let's not forget they also won @ No. 2 Texas).In contrast, the 2002 Buckeyes were probably not the best team that year; however, they fought tooth-and-nail and earned every victory. This is a battle of talent vs. intangibles. The 2006 Buckeyes would likely lose to the "underdog" here as their overconfidence gets them once again.

Our other semifinal will be coming up later today. And it's a doozy.