Penn State investigation looks far-reaching

When Penn State hired former FBI director Louis Freeh to conduct an independent investigation into the Jerry Sandusky scandal, it signaled that this would be a serious review.

That appears to be the case so far, as the Associated Press reports that Freeh and his team have conducted about 200 interviews in the probe. The people interviewed include administrators, football staffers and even trustee members.

According to the story, Freeh and his investigators are asking about who knew what when, chains of command and also about compliance with NCAA rules. Freeh's team is also interacting with ongoing state, federal and NCAA investigations into the Sandusky case.

It sounds like Freeh is doing exactly what he should be doing: turning over every rock in this probe to find out exactly what happened and who is to blame. His report, which trustees hope will be released in the fall, could finally provide some concrete answers. Then again, since he lacks subpoena power and those he is interviewing are not under oath, who knows what level of cooperation Freeh and his team will actually get?

Either way, the release of that report will be highly anticipated.

Speaking of Penn State, ESPN.com special contributor Roy S. Johnson has an interesting column today where he says the school should not rename Beaver Stadium after Joe Paterno. Johnson says both Paterno and Gen. James A. Beaver deserve better than that.

"In the interim, Penn State should honor Paterno, but not by renaming Beaver Stadium. The university should begin by vowing -- and then demonstrating -- that it will build upon the most laudable aspects of his legacy, while using the sordid allegations in the grand jury report and indictment against Sandusky as teachable foundations for programs that address child abuse and poverty."

Check out his full column here.